Utah – My State

History Of Utah

Utah – The place that sends chill down the spice – literally 🙂 is USA’s 45th state. Utahians believe in their God – majority people are Christians. Mormons are majority in Utah.

Utah’s history goes long back. The place was occupied by Indians before Europeans arrived. The main tribe was Ute and that’s how Utah came in existence. Land of Utah is nature’s delight. It consists of plains, mountains, green meadows. Capital of Utah is Salt Lake City.

Utah is young American’s state. 33% population of Utah is under 18. Whereas majority of American states are going older, Utah is getting younger.

Places to visit in Utah

  1. Zion National park
  2. Big Cottonwood Canyon
  3. Arches National Park
  4. Utah Olympic Park
  5. Monument Valley
  6. Red Hills Desert Garden
  7. Canyonlands National Park
  8. Best Friends Animal Sanctuary
  9. Salt Lake City and the Mormon Temple
  10. Moab

Top Cities of Utah

The biggest city in terms of area as well as population is Salt Lake city. the population of Salt lake city is roughly 186000 Of course it way lesser than what you typically see in metros. In most of the metros neighbourhood have more population than Utah cities.

West Valley City, Provo, West Jordan, Orem are other top cities in terms of population.

Economy of Utah

One of the advantage of having young population is economy is healthy and vibrant. The economy of Utah is one of the fastest growing in whole US. Prime constituents of economy are agriculture, mining and tourism. Though younger generation is into fields like IT etc as well.

A century back Utah was a big mining state. Utah land carries huge amount of coal mines. Many of the bigger coal mines of world are in Utah state.

Utah Food

Since its snowing most of the days, whenever its sunny Utahians love to do outdoor cooking. Grill, Smokers, outdoor barbecue on a sunny day are quite common. When nature allows, we love to go to camp site with our propane gas cylinders and do the grilling. Normal days its indoor cooking.

Utah Salt is very famous. You might have purchased it in your daily grocery. The signature Utahian recipe is Fry Sauce. Where else you will get fry sauce? The culinary history of Utah goes centuries back and many of the dishes are originated from the days of Indians.

Funeral Potato, Jell-O, Pastrami Burgers, Aggie Blue Mint Ice Cream are some of the popular signature dishes of Utah. In future posts we will discuss many of these dishes.