Chalet Day Johns
The chalet's design philosophy of unobstructed mountain views is apparent throughout this 8500 sq. ft. house. The bedrooms are as romantic and elegant as the common rooms. Each has its own distinct personality with differences in space, geometric shapes and color. They all have luxurious bedding, down comforters, entertainment systems, and special mountain views.

2nd Floor Rooms
As you ascend the Chalet's center log stairwell, you reach the balcony that connects the four bedrooms on this level. This rough hewn wood balcony overlooks the dining room with its magnificent view of the granite cliff facing of Hellgate. Each bedroom has an entertainment system, private phone with voice mail, and heated tiled bathroom floors.

201 Eagles Nest West
202 Wildcat
203 Grizzly
204 Eagles Nest East
201/204 Eagles Nest Suite

Address: 9921 E. Peruvian Acres Road, Alta UT 84092
              PO Box 8084, Alta Utah 84092
Phone: 866 754-2426
201 Eagles Nest West
The peeled log furniture and the horse tail wall art in this bedroom blend with its interior log structure. It features both a queen and a single bed. The large picture window provides a dramatic vista of Little Cottonwood Canyon with a great view of the sunset.

201 Eagles Nest West 202 Wildcat 203 Grizzly 204 Eagles Nest East